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This website was designed by Ken Schwartz, and it is maintained entirely by him and his staff. It is meant to provide general information about the firm, our qualifications, and the services we provide. It is not meant to offer legal advice or answer specific legal questions. Content made available on this site, such as statutes and court rules, is meant to be used for reference purposes only. Visitors to this site should not rely on any information found here for use in any legal proceeding without first consulting an attorney with whom you have an attorney-client relationship. This site is not provided for the purpose of creating such a relationship, and no such relationship should be inferred from any statement(s) or information on this website. The only way to create an attorney-client relationship with this firm would be to enter into a written agreement, signed by both parties, that details the parties' rights and obligations. No such agreement can be created via this website.

Links on this site to external web sites and web pages (i.e., those whose Internet addresses do not begin with "http://www.flalaw.com/") are provided solely for reference purposes and do not have the endorsement of this firm or its staff. Kenneth B. Schwartz, P.A., is not responsible for content provided by external web sites or servers.

Please note that no member of the firm accepts any responsibility for any information or material submitted to us via this website, nor does unsolicited contact via this website in any way create an attorney-client relationship. Accordingly, please do not submit any information or materials to the firm via the internet (or traditional modes, including ground mail and fax) without express request for same prior to your submission, as doing otherwise could jeopardize certain valuable legal rights (including claims of confidentiality).

If you have any questions about this firm or would like to consult with an attorney, please contact us by completing this form. Please note that submission of information via the contact form does not create any obligation on the part of Kenneth B. Schwartz, P.A., to respond to the submission in any way.

   News / Updates

April 3, 2014: Mr. Schwartz was advised that he has been selected as one of Florida's "Legal Elite" by Florida Trend magazine, which will be published in July 2014. The publication purports to recognize "the top attorneys in the state as chosen by their peers," and they claim that their list of "elite" attorneys represents fewer than 2% of the active Florida Bar members who practice in Florida.

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